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made in Italy

Our shoes are designed to explore still unknown areas of fashion, to create a new style, unisex, exclusive and, above all, timeless.

Federico Biondini

The Pasöt brand was born from the passion of its founder, Federico Biondini, for vintage cars and items, architecture, for everything that is out of the ordinary and unconventional but is destined to last over time becoming a real work of art.
Those who choose Pasöt will wear works of art born from the experience of artisans for generations, masters of the most authentic “Made in Italy”.

The « fil rouge » of the Pasöt collection is velvet: a fabric that, just like people, brings the signs of time and events without losing its original beauty.

A fabric expressing its maximum authenticity only when it is truly used. And likewise, each mark on your Pasöt shoes will recall an event of your life, like a time machine bringing back memories and making you smile every time you will wear them.

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A refined collection, composed of models that differ in fabrics, colors, and occasions of use, but are united by the high quality of the raw material.

DAILY Petrolium Velvet

GALÀ Blue Velvet

GALÀ Black Velvet

GALÀ Powder Pink Velvet




GALÀ Velvet Red

DAILY Leather Blue

DAILY Leather Gray

ICONIC Floral Gray - Limited Edition

ICONIC Floral Blood

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